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spider web

while waiting some1 came here,..
its nice to write something,..
something that im thinking,..

something dat i face it for this 4 months,..

and this is the last month i fullfill my contract..

but,,. its up to management to renewal my contract,..or to cut it of,..

renewal contract must be have a renewal price,.. of course,.. if not,.. i cut it by my self,..


this is what im doing for this last 4 months,..

making a spider web using powerdesigner,..

look like this,..

spider web

i open my work,..in powerdesigner of course,.
like spider web,..
maybe coz im taking many times when i design this table,..
and now,.. became like a spider web,,.
but,.. where is the spider???
d spider is a person who make this mess up and leave it!!!

trully,.. im confuse with this design,..
too many relation between one table to another,,..


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