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damn,… why she always here,..

yes,.. HERE!!!!,..

eventhough she’s not beside me right now….

u always talk about her,…
he always talk about her,..
she always talk about her,..
why everybody always remaind me about her???

u do not need to remind me bout her,..
i always try to forget bout her,.. eventhough,., till now,.. i can’t
she’s already like flying bird in my head…
talking in my ears with her words everytime….


when i will gonna stay away from her,…
like she asked me to do…
if i always think bout her…


i just wanna do what she wants…
leaving her… alone with her live…
no one get hurts with our old memories…
and live with their own life,..
at least, i’ve proof with what I’m saying,..

leaving her,.. is not easy way,..
and trully I dont wanna,…
but if she ask me to do that…
what can I do anymore???

so stop talking bout her to me…
let her free,..
and let me free from this bothering mind everytime,…

i will talk about her if i wanna talk about her,..
may be next week,..
may be next month,..
may be next year,…
or may be never,..

adapted from the story of someone life 😀

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