bangun pagi2,…

haiyah,.. pagi2 dah ada yg ngajak ngomongin ttg dia lg
ya elaaaaaaaah,…
just help me…
can we not to talk about her for just a one day??!!
can we???

simple question c,..

km masih berharap ama dia???

ya ak jawab aja scr diplomatis,…

tp ga berusaha,..
ga bs…

so,.. secara rumus usaha+doa=hasil;
maka yg ak lakukan ya cuma sekedar menunggu keajaiban
doa tanpa usaha,.. sama aja ngimpi,..😀

she’s nice,..
pengertian,…baik,…, cerdas,.. manis lg,..hehehehehe….

yes i know,,,
its all my fault,…
maybe if I little bit more passion,..
let her realize herself dat what she doing at dat time was wrong
no need to bother her,…
never interfare her life,..
never saying something dat will make hurt her,….

but,.. its already happen,..
and Im the man,..
the man who know too much..
the man who make a big mistake to her,…
which maybe she wont forgive it

kau tak kan hilang
tak pernah hilang
mesti tak berhenti ku mencoba lupakan dirimu
kau tak kan hilang
tak pernah hilang
kan selalu terpendam menjadi kenangan
[backsound::dua band]

but in fact, I get a lot of lesson from her…
lesson how to love someone…
and i guess its hard for me to do,…😦
how to be more passion person ,..

  1. May 17, 2008 at 2:16 am

    Owalah….ternyata ngono kuwi tho rasane uwong sing lagi nandang katresnan. ngerti tenan yo!!

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